The Transmogrification

Thousands of years ago, the Balavrak, members of a secret society comprised of direct descendants of the Genesis Shiba, were summoned. At the time, the Shiba's very existence was being threatened. The Gode Collective, a known exterminator clan, had assembled in orbit high above the planet. The Gode was set on destroying the Shiba and commandeering their world for a rogue outpost. The Balavrak constituted some of the greatest minds of the Shiba. They knew that defeating the Gode Collective would require something extraordinary. The Balavrak came together with a common goal: to create the Zenith Serum. This serum would alter the Shiba at a genetic level and provide them with such physical and intellectual prowess that they would be able to defeat the Gode Collective. War was imminent. Destruction was inevitable. Death was extensive.

The Quest

The Shiba defeated the Gode Collective, but victory came at a price. While successful in its genetic alteration, the Zenith Serum had a side effect. It created significant physical alterations in the Shiba and resulted in a new lineage that came to be known as the Mutant Shibas. Initially, the Mutant Shibas were celebrated and revered. But over time, they were shunned by society due to their altered appearance. Some mutants celebrated their differences, but others were set on reverting to pre-serum conditions. Conflict ensued. The Balavrak had already witnessed the power the Zenith Serum bestowed, now they were watching the conflict it could wreak within the Shiba family. The Balavrak realized that often perfection lies within imperfection. Fearing for the future of all Shibas, they took action. A key component in the creation of Zenith Serum was the Astatine Crystal. In a secret ceremony, the Balavrak shattered the crystal into seven fragments. These fragments were then hidden in treacherous locations across the planet, an attempt to dissuade anyone ever reuniting the seven fragments again, an effort to banish the Zenith Serum forever. For generations, attempts were made to find these seven crystal fragments. Many died in their attempts, but few were successful. Six of the crystal fragments were found, and a rumor spread across the planet that the seventh and final crystal fragment had been located. Anticipation spread. Fear grew.

The Shiboratory

Doctor MuSh, the lead scientist of the Balavrak had been working on creating the antidote for months. It was a daunting task, as no one else had ever managed to find an effective cure for the mutations caused by the Zenith Serum. MuSh worked day and night in the Shiboratory, experimenting with various concoctions of ingredients in hopes that something would work. Nothing worked, but he never gave up hope that one day he would be able to revert the Mutant Shiba's who had been injected with the mutant causing serum. MuSh knew that the only thing strong enough to reverse the effect would be the very thing that created them in the first place. He and his team had been searching for all seven fragments of the legendary Astatine Crystal for decades. It had been years since the sixth piece was found and hope was beginning to fade…

A rumor began to spread through The Pack that Doctor MuSh and his team had found it. The rumor was true - all seven fragments of it had been reunited, but the last one of the crystals was different. It seemed to have a unique energy signature unlike any of the other pieces. When MuSh examined the crystal fragment closely, he noticed something strange - a pulsing glow, almost as if the fragment were on fire. He wanted to run stability tests on the fragment, but he had run out of time. There was no other option but to use the fragment as more Mutant Shibas grew rapidly impatient. He managed to extract just enough reversal serum to supply The Pack with an antidote to their mutations.

MuSh decided to test it on a few carefully selected subjects and waited anxiously as they consumed what he hoped to be a miraculous cure. But instead of healing them, their bodies began to mutate and contort further in ways no one could have expected or prepared for; their bodies began to split. It was as if a greater force had ripped the subject in half. One with the original mutations from the Zenith Serum and a new one with even stronger, uglier, and more horrific mutations. The latter looked as if it had come from a dark alien world.

Frustrated and emotional, the subjects turned on Doctor MuSh. He had failed them and knew his life was in danger. His once compassionate journey to help the Mutant Shibas had ended with him becoming the villain. His life's work was destroyed in the blink of an eye, and he fled the Shiboratory with nothing but the little equipment he could carry under one arm and the Astatine Crystal in the other.

Doctor MuSh was gone.

Mush had left in a flurry, leaving papers and equipment scattered all over the place. In his absence, some of the Mutant Shibas began to search his office for anything that could help their quest to become normal once again. Upon searching the office up and down, nothing helpful was found until a file cabinet was moved. Behind the file cabinet of his office was a door with a sign stating: “Warning: DO NOT ENTER.” The door remained locked and there was no key in sight. The shibas referred to the room as the 'Mush-Room' and its components remained a mystery. A search for the key began.